A Well of Pardon

I stand in front of Him with my head bowed low. My heart is bowed even lower from the shame. I can't bear to look at Him. I don't know this Man, but I've heard of Him. And I know without looking what I'd find in His eyes. I listen as my accusers tell Him [...]

A Well of Purpose

I died once. In my house, while my mother sat next to my bed. At 12 years old, my life was abruptly cut short. I had been sick and my parents were losing hope that I'd pull through. They'd tried everything to make me better, and I just kept getting worse. But we had heard [...]

A Well of Peace

"My child had followed his daddy out to work in the fields that morning as I went about my usual chores for the day. As I was washing dishes, my heart was overflowing with peace. We couldn't have children, but my husband and I had shown kindness to Elisha. God repayed that kindness in the [...]

A Well of Provision

As I sit out on my front porch watching over my grandchildren, one of them comes to me and climbs up in my lap. I can tell she's sleepy. As she lays her head on my shoulder, she asks me, "Grandmama, will you tell me again about that pot of oil?" I smile, because this [...]

A Well of Perseverance

(I realize that this unnamed lady is mentioned only in parable form. But her story has given me the courage to keep pressing on many, many times. Luke 18:5 "And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them?" In my Bible, I have [...]

A Well of Promise

My mind wakes up before my body is ready to. It's still dark outside and there's a quiet despair hanging heavily in the air this morning. It's as if even the house can sense what this day will bring. The stillness is a stark contrast to the rapid beating of my heart. As much as [...]

A Well of Protection

Today I breathed my first breath of fresh air in what seemed like forever. As my feet touched solid ground, I drank in the warmth of the sunshine. My first thought was of thankfulness. As I turn and look back at the ark that I called home for so long, my mind suddenly goes back [...]