New Product Alerts

New Product Alerts

New T-Shirts

August 1, 2023

T-SHIRTS ARE LIVE NOW!! There is a limited quantity in each design, so get them while you can! Thank you so much for you support of our family and music. We truly appreciate each one of you. Order here: https://andwithmysong.com/product/t-shirts-2/…

New Product Alerts


June 12, 2023

Hello! If you follow me on social media, you may have seen several new products hit the shop lately. I just wanted to let my subscribers know about all the available products I have. Sheet music: https://andwithmysong.com/product-category/music/sheet-music/ Soundtracks: https://andwithmysong.com/product-category/music/soundtracks/ Songbook: https://andwithmysong.com/product-category/music/songbook/ CDs: https://andwithmysong.com/product-category/music/cds/ MP3 Versions of our albums: https://andwithmysong.com/product-category/music/mp3s/ Chord Charts: https://andwithmysong.com/product-category/music/chord-charts/ If you don’t see the chord chart you are looking for, I can make a custom…