Stories For His Glory

Stories For His Glory

Then It’s Worth It- Miss MaKenzie Cox

August 16, 2021

I remember seeing posts going around Facebook after MaKenzie had her wreck, asking people to pray.  I didn’t know her or her family, but several of my friends shared the post. And so I prayed.  And I watched as God began working in her life, allowing her to do things the doctors weren’t sure she ever would again.  And faster than they thought she could. I don’t remember…

Stories For His Glory

Suffering but Seeking: Marsha Smith

October 9, 2018

I first met Marsha probably when she was visiting our church, but we found out later we had a lot in common. Like – singing, photography, love of food and the truth that chocolate is life. As she reminded me, our friendship really started at Panera over coffee, which I’m sure mine had a lot of sugar and some form of chocolate. I didn’t learn until much later…

Stories For His Glory

A Higher Throne: Mary Spoonhour

October 2, 2018

I was “introduced” to this lady via Facebook through a mutual friend. I had been struggling with my dizziness for a little over a year and I found out that she had the same thing. It was so wonderful to finally find someone who knew how I was feeling. She understood me, as crazy as our symptoms are. We have continued talking through the years and many times…

Stories For His Glory

Choosing Joy: Melissa Hill

August 28, 2018

I first met this sweet lady as a client 8 years ago. I had a photography business and they wanted some family pictures taken. I’m so thankful that she turned into more than just a “client”. I’ve watched this lady through those years remain faithful. I’ve watched as her 6 month old baby had to have surgery on his skull. I’ve watched her give up everything and follow…