The blessing of being broken

There was a song that my siblings and I would listen to growing up called God Uses Broken Things. The chorus went like so:Broken thingsBroken thingsGod has a purpose for broken thingsBroken thingsBroken thingsGod uses broken things.It had a catchy little melody and we enjoyed singing along to it. But we never really understood the words. I [...]

Kitchen Table Moments

When I got married, (at the ripe old age of 18 😱) I had never worked a public job. For that first year, I'd just go to work with James and ride out on deliveries with him during the day and at night we'd work on our house. Carefree, no worries. I only started working [...]

Mended Again

Once again, God has used my children to speak to me. And once again, it's about broken things. And once again, I'm just going to share my heart openly with you. I used my daughter's curtains for a wedding last weekend and we just got them out of the car yesterday. She brought them to [...]

Who Jesus Is

Who Jesus Is

*HONEST POST WARNING* There will come a point in your life when you don't know what to do. My husband and I both like to know stuff. I like to have a plan, to know what's going to happen next. My husband likes to know he's always right. Haha. We're both stubborn. Last night, we [...]

When Fear Isn’t Real

My daughter fell on some rough concrete yesterday and scraped her arm up pretty good. Once we got her settled down, she immediately started telling me all the things she didn't want to do. I don't want to take a shower, it'll burn. Please don't put anything on it, it'll hurt. Help me take my [...]

Palm Sunday Christians

I am so unprepared for Easter this year. It's this Sunday! I've been reading about the triumphant entry of Christ through the city of Jerusalem. I remember making Palm branches as a child in Sunday School, learning about the colt Jesus borrowed to ride into the city, and making little tombs out of paper plates. [...]

Missed Opportunities

I wrote this post late last night with the intention of scheduling it for next Thursday. But this morning, I can't get it off my heart. I woke up singing the song. And I'm praying that maybe by the time this day rolls around again next week, I'll take my own advice. March 21st. It's [...]

Stacked Up Complaints

I have no life changing revelation to share today. Nothing to say that you don't already know. But I need to say this out loud. Because the doubt and worry is so loud in my head, I'm afraid it might get lost. Count your blessings. We sing the song, we see the encouraging quotes, we [...]