Focus on God’s Unchangeableness

November 3, 2020

Today is a big day. A lot could change tomorrow. No matter what happens.

I know we’ve seen it all over Facebook, we’ve already had the same thoughts running through our heads, maybe our peacher has preached it within the last few weeks. But sometimes we need reminded over and over again.

Whoever wins, God will still be God.

Whatever this virus does to our country, our friends, our family, God will still be God.

Whatever storm is headed your way, God will still be God.

Whatever new trial is on the horizon, God will still be God.

Whatever diagnosis you receive from your doctor, God will still be God.

No matter how much opposition you face in trying to just serve the Lord, God will still be God.

When friends and family walk away, God will still be God.

When your world comes crashing down, God will still be God.

When you’ve cried countless tears, and prayed countless prayers and nothing changes, God will still be God.

For every thing you could think of, God will still be God.

I know everyone is ready for Christmas. And I am too! I absolutely love everything about the season. And I know just because you decorate early, and sing Christmas songs in November (or even March, yes I might’ve done this) doesn’t mean you’ve skipped THIS season. But can I remind you that those 5 words are something we can be eternally grateful and thankful for, even on our darkest days. God will still be God.

Why does that help us? Because we know that He is working all things for our good. We know that what Satan means for evil, God can still turn it around. We know that He will finish whatever He started in us. We know that He does all things well. We know that He loves us with an everlasting love. We know that He died to save us, so no matter how crushing the weight of our burdens, we know that He is touched with the feelings of our infirmities. We know He hears the prayers we can’t even speak, because He knows our heart. We know that He is the Solid Rock of Ages and no storm has ever shaken Him. And while we are standing on Him, though WE are shaken, we won’t be moved. We know that who He was, He is. And who He is, He will always be. He never changes.

I’m so thankful He will always be God. And we can face more than just this election because of that.

For I am the Lord, I change not… Malachi 3:6

Whatever changes today, tomorrow, or the future brings into your life, God will still be God.

“He Will Always Be God”
Words & Music by Faith York

  • Jack Cooper
    November 3, 2020 at 10:25 am

    The Bible says in I Cor 15:19, “If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.” Jesus Christ , who was, is and will still be the same. Praise His name.

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