Focus On Things Money Can’t Buy

June 1, 2020

In Matthew 19:16-22 there was a young man. He was wealthy and had great possessions. He had been a “good” boy. He had outwardly tried to do right. But when he met Jesus, it wasn’t enough.

Wow. That sounds like Jesus is hard to please. I mean he refused money, being good, doing right?

I’ve been there before. I was a preacher’s daughter. I was in church before I was born. I knew the scripture. I knew the way to heaven. I knew how to act “right”.

But it wasn’t enough.

Jesus died to pay the price for my sin. For that rich, young ruler’s sin.

It can’t be bought.

It can’t be earned.

It’s just accepted. Or rejected.

Our world is a scary place right now. I believe that Bible prophecy is unfolding before our eyes. I think that I will see Jesus come back in my lifetime. And as exciting as that last point is, it’s also scary. Because I know that 1.) I have lost loved ones who aren’t ready and 2.) I’ve done so little for Jesus.

Whether you agree with me or not, the Bible says in Romans 14:11: For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.”

If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us, is that money can’t buy what’s important. And we’ve hopefully learned how important family is. How valuable time is. How precious our freedom is. How sweet the Savior is!

Money can’t buy any of that.

One day, all that will matter is what money couldn’t buy.

If I had one last thing to write/say to you while here on this earth, it would be to trust Jesus as your Savior.

I was 12 years old. Rebellious. Prideful. I was a faker. I liked to make people think I was ok. But later at night I’d lie in bed, terrified. Knowing full well that if I died once I closed my eyes, I’d open them in hell.

Hell. It’s real. It’s horrible. If you go there, you go uninvited. But you’ll live eternity in burning flames.

My family loves to build fires. We love to sit around them, we love to cookout, we just love to burn branches and wood. But the last few times, I couldn’t get hell out of my mind as I stood there. Unable to even get close to the fire pit because the flames were so hot. We’ve had to kneel behind the rocks surrounding the fire to roast wienies because the heat is unbearable. The last fire was so big and hot it burned tree leaves 15-20 feet up in the air.

Here, we can move away. We can seek shelter from the flames and heat. But if you die without Jesus’ blood applied to your soul, there will be no escape.

Oh friend, you’ve been on a journey with me on this blog. Dizziness has threatened to steal my life, my joy, my time, my laughter. But deep down, there is a peace that can’t be shaken. Knowing that this is not the end. My dizziness might never have an end here on earth, but because of Jesus and His sacrifice on Calvary, it will have an end when this life is over. And therein lies my hope. I could not have made it to where I am today without Jesus. And He’s the most valuable thing I could share with you.

I struggled that night, as a young girl. Not wanting to admit I was lost, not wanting people to know that I wasn’t saved. There was a war raging in my heart. The will to stay in my sin, and the will to turn to Jesus. I believe the moment I got up from my bed, Jesus saved me. Because I knew Who to go to and I knew I couldn’t live there anymore. Repentance and belief. I finally had to make the decision that I cared more about my soul than I did my pride.

Jesus has made it so simple. Not everyone has money. Not everyone has talent. Not everyone has wisdom. But Jesus only asks us to say yes. He’s done it all!!

That day at the fire, I was crying silently as I carried branches back and forth. Terrified at the thought that people are dying lost all around me, even some in my own family, and I’m not giving all I have to bring them to Jesus.

But I want to leave you with some good news! If you are reading this, if someone has shared it with you, I want to tell you something. My tears of heartache turned to tears of joy. Because I’m not going to hell and you don’t have to either!! I began to hum the words of an old Kyla Rowland song:

How Satan would have loved to destroy my soul
That was his burning desire
Till one day by grace, through faith in a cross
The Lamb’s blood put out that fire.

I’m saved, I’m saved! Redeemed and set free.
No longer a poor sinner lost.
For between me and the flames of hell
Stands the blood of the old rugged cross.

When the young man came to Jesus, Jesus saw exactly what was going to hang him up. He saw his heart. The young ruler hadn’t truly given all to the poor, he hadn’t truly observed all the commandments. His refusal to give it all away and follow Jesus proved that.

I wouldn’t let anything or anyone stand in my way of getting to Jesus. Who cares what people think? Who cares about everything you think you’ll have to give up? There is worth beyond measure when you have Jesus. He can’t be bought, but He’s worth all the riches in this world and the next! Please, don’t turn Him away.

If you’d like to talk to me, please reach out. You can do so here or through Facebook or Instagram.

“Things Money Can’t Buy”
Words & Music By Faith York

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