Nobody Knows

November 29, 2017

“I don’t think everyone around us realizes the burden…I just don’t know how to do this, and others don’t understand.”

This was said to me the other day and it kind of hit me over the head.

It’s a very low place to be where nobody knows. Where nobody sees what you’re going through. Where nobody can understand. Where nobody knows the hurt and tears. Where nobody can fix the pain. Where nobody has the answers. Where nobody can help bear the burden.


But we get there sometimes. The pain is too great to speak about. You don’t know how to tell someone. You don’t want to be a complainer. Someone else is going through something worse.

But you know what else nobody knows? What God knows.

God knows how to speak a world into existence.

God knows how to form a man from dust.

God knows exactly what to give a man when that man already has paradise.

God knows how to fix a sin curse.

God knows how to test a man’s faith. And reward that man for thousands of years after he’s dead and gone.

God knows how to make a way when there is no other way.

God knows how to destroy the Earth.

God knows how to keep His promises.

God knows how to make a woman queen for such a time as this.

God knows the value of a kinsmen redeemer.

God knows how to allow a man to lose everything and then give him back double what he had before.

God knows how to use a shepherd boy to kill a giant.

God knows how to use broken things to defeat armies.

God knows how to walk in fire and not get burned.

God knows how to shut lions’ mouths when a tasty meal lands right at their feet.

God knows how to save the world with a Baby Who would grow to be a perfect, sinless sacrifice.

God knows how to walk on water.

God knows how to feed thousands with one little boy’s lunch.

God knows how to raise the dead.

God knows what it’s like to be forsaken by those who are the closest to Him.

God knows rejection.

God knows being misunderstood.

God knows loneliness.

God knows heartache.

God knows pain.

God knows what the first breath of new life feels like after being dead for 3 days.

God knows how to love a sinner, even after being rejected by that sinner over and over.

God knows how to love someone who is supposed to love Him, but fails Him every single day.

God knows how to forgive.

God knows the future.

God knows each star in the heavens. He knows the number. He knows their names.

God knows how to find the lowest places no one dares to go, just to rescue one.

God knows the way to eternal life. He IS the way.

God knows everything, about every person: past, present and future.

God knows His plan for each life. No matter how small or great that life is. No matter how long that life exists.

God knows what He’s doing.

God knows it all.

Now why would we want someone who doesn’t know the tiniest fraction of what God does, to know all about our problems? To know what’s in our hearts? To understand us? I get it. I’ve had the same thoughts. If only someone could just understand. If only they knew…

No matter how good it feels to not be alone in what you’re going through, to know someone else gets it, someone else has been there – in the end they can’t really do anything for you. They can pray. They can listen. And that is such a help! But they don’t have the blueprints for your life. They can’t change your circumstances. They can’t work it all out.

They don’t know what God knows.

To think that a God that knows so much takes time to know me. And not just know me, but love me. Care for me. Strengthen me. Carry me. Speak to me. Use me.

Whatever nobody knows about you today, they also don’t know what God knows. About your pain, about His plan, about the purpose for this trial.

I hope that blesses someone besides me. 🙂

Words and music ©Faith York 2017

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