Out of Alignment

July 23, 2018


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For anyone that’s been following my blog for a while, you know I’ve been dealing with dizziness for over 3 years. It has been a hard trial to go through. At the beginning of 2018, it got so much worse. I couldn’t sit or walk or lay down or do anything without feeling off balance. I was having dizzy spells more frequently. I had been diagnosed with Meniere’s disease, but that never seemed to fit my symptoms. But we were at a loss as to what to do or where to go. I had given up hope that I was ever going to get better. And that is a very low place to be.

My husband and I started praying more fervently for me to feel better. And it seemed like everything just got worse. So much worse that I started reaching out to people to ask them to pray. People I didn’t even really know, but I knew they could reach God’s throne…I was desperate. A lady I talked to referred me to a cervical chiropractor in Chattanooga. I had been to a chiropractor, but she told me this clinic treated their patients with a different procedure. I was a little skeptical, but willing to try anything.

My first appointment was a consult with xrays and I was amazed at what they showed. There is a very important bone at the base of the brain that protects the brain stem where it goes down into the spinal cord. It’s called the atlas. Mine was crooked, tilted. I had injury to my neck and my whole spine looked like an S as it had tried to compensate. My hips were uneven, as were my legs. What is to follow is a year of adjustments, in the hopes that when my spine and neck are in complete alignment and will hold on their own, my body will be able to heal. My brain will receive the necessary signals to keep my body running the way God intended.

How did this happen? It’s very interesting. There’s no way to know for sure, but something happened to my neck, possibly 10-15 years ago. It went unchecked. Everything from that point happened because my body knew something was wrong. My muscles and ligaments started stretching to accommodate my spine as it tried to keep my head level.

One little injury, that I didn’t even realize at the time, caused a multitude of malfunctions. Dizziness, off balanced-ness, ear ringing, vision disturbances, neck/ back pain, loss of range of motion in my neck, extreme muscle soreness, nerve sensitivity, trigger points forming in my neck, hip rotation, my pelvic bone being out of joint, bones in my feet changing because I no longer walked correctly. The list could go on.

And today as I was riding back from my appointment, I was thinking about how fearfully and wonderfully made I truly am. God created my body to self heal. But one thing that went wrong and wasn’t corrected had stopped that healing process. My body could no longer compensate. I couldn’t function.

God created our soul the same way. Sin entered this world and so we start out already flawed, already misaligned. We get saved and God restores us. But then sometimes we let little sins in, things that we don’t even really think about, things we don’t even notice. And they don’t immediately cause problems. But because of that one sin, without even knowing it, we try compensating. And eventually over time, more things go wrong. More sins creep in. And the farther we go without fixing the problem, the worse it gets.

It physically hurts to be put back in place. I was so sore in places I didn’t even know existed. I didn’t think I was going to make it. My dizziness got more intense. Things started shifting and new muscles had to work harder. Some of my adjustments didn’t hold and had to be fixed over and over. Problems that weren’t problems at first, began surfacing as my body started trying to work like it’s supposed to. My body sent signals when my injury first happened. But I wasn’t listening very well. Over time, I knew something was wrong. It just took the right doctor to help us figure it out.

Sometimes we are so far away from God that we can’t hear His whispers. Or maybe we do, we just don’t fix it. He tries showing us, tries drawing us back. But we let it go. It’s not that big of deal. It’s a small thing.

But look what one little thing did.

Look what one sin did to the whole human race.

Look what it took one man to destroy it all and what it cost one Man to fix it. Heal it. Redeem it.

My hope, my faith, my trust has wavered so much. Some days it feels like I have none. But the only Hope I ever have to cling to is that God is the Healer. And if He never chooses to heal my body, it’s going to be ok. Because I’ve received His healing for my soul.

I’ve thought a lot about Jesus and what He suffered. What God suffered in giving Him up. The Bible says He was tempted in all points like we are. He feels our pain, He knows our hurt. I’ve wondered how in the world he would know what my dizziness feels like. But He gave His life’s blood. He didn’t die until it was finished. That much loss of blood, I’m sure he felt dizzy. But unlike me, He was forsaken. In His darkest moment, He had no one to run to. And He did that so thousands of years later, when I’m scared and asking why and it seems I’ve lost all hope, I could run to Him. His victory over death gives me hope in life.

I don’t want anything to break my fellowship with the sweetest friend I’ve ever had. He is my burden bearer, my strength, my hope. I want to get rid of the sin as it enters my life. I don’t want it to block signals from Heaven that something is wrong. I don’t want my spiritual body to end up like my physical one. And it can. It will. If sin is not taken care of.

I would not want ANYONE to go through what I’ve been through. But why would any of us want that to happen spiritually either? We want God’s blessings. We want to be happy. But we don’t want to take care of the sins. We want to live the way we want to live.

This kind of cervical spinal care has treated all kinds of illnesses. There are success stories that line the walls of the doctor’s office. (And I’m praying one day, mine will be up there too!) Fibromyalgia, migraines, vertigo, high blood pressure, MS, back and neck pain obviously. So many other things that you wouldn’t even think would be caused by a misalignment or subluxation. I’ve purposed to tell anyone that complains of any ailment to try this kind of care. They actually suggest being adjusted as soon as someone is born. A baby can be born with their neck and spine out of alignment. How about that?

This Man, Jesus, has treated all kinds too. He cares when our body is in pain. He cares even more about our souls. He died to save them. And I’ve purposed to try harder to tell everyone I know about Jesus. Because as much as I long to be better and help other people feel better too, I long to tell them about Jesus. He is too wonderful to keep quiet about. In fact, there aren’t enough words to describe Him. But I want to try.

No one else has ever cared for me like Jesus. And no one else could ever love me like He can. Someone like that is Someone I can place all my faith and hope in. People want to talk about why God allows horrible things to happen if He could stop it. Why there’s evil in the world. Why bad things happen to good people. But what about what God HAS done? He died to take care of all of that.

He is the only one that truly knows what the answer is for my healing. But even more than that He IS the answer. For every question, every longing, every problem, every sin.

I’m so thankful I know Him. If you don’t, I would LOVE to introduce you to this Man.

This song was one of the easiest I’ve ever written. Sometimes when I’m listening to it or singing it, I’m amazed at the words. That’s God. It’s all Him. And He’s mine!!
He can be yours too.

Words & Music ©Faith York 2018

  • Cyndy Hovis
    December 24, 2022 at 4:55 am

    I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to find find your music and your blog! I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God lead me to find you!
    I have been diagnosed with Meneirs disease since 2005. And chronic pain disorder since 1999. Like you, I have been to every dr, university, pain clinics and more in search of cure for all the suffering this disease causes.
    I live in rural Indiana among the Amish community and have heard many promising things about chiropractic treatments. But have been so afraid to try due the pain it might cause. But living with all the pain and vertigo that I already have and reading your blog, I am going ti trust Gid and see if they can fix “what ails me”!

    Many blessings to you as your serve our master!

    Cyndy Hovis

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