Chapters at a Time

It isn't always evident what God is doing or even that He's doing anything at all. But I don't have the whole story. Just chapters at a time. Some seem insignificant. Some don't make sense. Some are scary. Some fill me with pain. Some leave me wondering where God really is. I've thought a lot about trust. How do you trust? It's hard. Someone told me trust is choosing faith over facts. The fact is, God's name can't be found in Esther. But faith can see Him. Today, lets CHOOSE to just trust Him. Because He knows the whole story.


This year I purposed in my heart that I was going to pray even more fervently to be healed. However, it seems the more I pray for it to get better, the worse it gets. I sat in church on Sunday and watched from the very back as people worshipped and testified of God's goodness. [...]

Nobody Knows

"I don't think everyone around us realizes the burden...I just don't know how to do this, and others don't understand." This was said to me the other day and it kind of hit me over the head. It's a very low place to be where nobody knows. Where nobody sees what you're going through. Where [...]

Come what may

So many times God will give me a song as I'm praying for someone else. And then I end up needing the song just for me. Sometimes days later, sometimes months. It's hard to write a song and not mean it. Even harder to not live it. I'm not interested in being fake. It's easy [...]