Stacked Up Complaints

March 1, 2019

I have no life changing revelation to share today.

Nothing to say that you don’t already know.

But I need to say this out loud.

Because the doubt and worry is so loud in my head, I’m afraid it might get lost.

Count your blessings.

We sing the song, we see the encouraging quotes, we do it on the good days.

We sing His praises when it’s sunny. We thank Him that the rain has stopped.

But the rain always comes again. And when it rains, it pours.

I know this. And yet, everytime it happens, it still knocks me to the ground. Even when I’m anticipating it, standing ready, waiting for it to hit.

I’ve stacked my complaints this morning. Boy, they were almost too much to name. They just kept getting higher and higher and higher…..

And then, these words came to my mind:

I am so blessed, by His goodness
Every hour of the day, every step along the way.
Through the tempest, or in the stillness
He alone is all my hope and stay
I am so blessed.

“Oh, that’s my song. Those are words I wrote, that You gave me, Lord. You mean you want to remind me right now?”

Yes. He does. I am so blessed, every hour of the day, every step along the way.

Every fear-filled, worry-stricken hour of the day.

Every heavy-laden step of the way.

Not just the good hours. Not just the light steps.

I am so blessed.

I could list every way I am blessed and you’d finish reading this blog in a few years, maybe.

But everything I have is wrapped up in Jesus.

My salvation, my eternal home, my access to prayer, His Throne, His grace, His love, His mercy, His peace. The things I have that I need. Even some that I want. My loved ones. My whole life.

Everything. It’s all because of Him.

And so are the hard days. He may not have caused them all, but He uses them all. And they are part of His plan to bless me with, too.

So today, I’m SHOUTING to my mind, God is good.

God was good yesterday. Yesterday, when I thought I couldn’t take anymore. He got me through.

God is good today. Today, when the complaints are innumerable and hopelessly stacked against me.

And God will be good tomorrow. Tomorrow, with all its uncertainty.

Even if more trouble comes, He is good. Even if the rain pours harder, He is good. Even if I get knocked down again, He is good. Because He’ll be there to pick me back up.

He always has before. That blessing right there is enough to knock my stack of complaints straight to the ground. Stomp them and bury them.

God is just as good when the rain pours as He is when the sun shines.

And I’m just as blessed.

Now, go count your blessings.

  • Joyce Kiefer
    March 1, 2019 at 3:33 pm

    Thank you, Faith, for the reminder. So thought provoking.

  • ritafkurian
    March 1, 2019 at 7:24 pm

    God bless you, it was so anointed

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