While You Wait

September 2, 2015

There’s this very familiar story in the Bible about a woman who had an issue of blood for 12 years.  She had tried everything.  She had spent all her living on physicians who were not able to heal her.  She had probably given up.  Until that day.  That day when Jesus passed by her way.  She touched the hem of His garment and was healed immediately.

That day Jesus passed by her way.

Her way.

At least that’s the way it seemed to her.

But Jesus was actually coming someone else’s way.

Someone else whose name is never mentioned.  She isn’t even mentioned until the very end of the story, and only then as the mother of the maiden. (Go read it, Luke 8:40-56)  She’s easy to overlook, but I saw her.  In fact, I can identify very clearly with her.  I am in the same place as she was.  Waiting.

Her husband had been sent to reach the Master because their daughter was dying.  I can see her sitting by the bedside, waiting.  Wondering when the Master would be there.  I can hear her thoughts.  “I don’t know this man called Jesus.  But I’ve heard He’s a healer.  Surely he can heal my daughter.  If He only gets here in time.  Please, Lord, hurry!!”  I can empathize with her as she worries and frets while her daughter gets worse.  And though I’ve never had to watch my daughter die, I can feel her intense pain as her daughter does indeed die. Because the Master didn’t come. I can feel the same hope that caused her to beg Jairus to get Jesus, die, right along with her daughter.  I can understand the hopelessness of her situation.

Are you like this woman?  Waiting?  Hopeless?  Wondering what’s taking the Lord so long?

Oh, but she had no idea what was going on while she was waiting.  God was working a miracle!  That diseased woman who had suffered for so long, was receiving complete healing.  She was meeting the Master.  All because the Lord was coming Jairus’s wife’s way.  Think about that.  Would that woman have been healed if Jesus had not followed Jairus home?

God knew.  Even though one woman’s story is told and the other one’s is not, God saw both of them.  God loved both of them. He knew the unnamed woman would have to watch her daughter die.  He knew!  He could have even came sooner, earlier.  He could have spared her that pain.

As one woman’s new life began, the other woman’s seemingly ended.

God gave me this song after He spoke to my heart, “I’m working miracles while you’re waiting.”  I know God is omnipresent, omnipotent.  Today, He can be in more than one place at one time.  He can heal someone at the exact same time He is healing someone else. But sometimes, we just have to wait.  Because He is working in someone else’s life.  That’s not very comforting while you are waiting, to think that someone else might be the reason your answer is delayed.  But God sees you, too.  He has a plan for everyone involved. God could work it out without using you, but what a privilege to be used of Him.

I don’t mean to add anything to the scriptures, but what if those two women met one day later?  They could both thank each other and ultimately, God.  One because she was healed.  One because her daughter was raised back to life.  Both stories of God’s perfect plan.

You could have a similar story.  You might be the one who is touched because of someone else’s struggle.  Or you might be the one waiting.  Just hold on a little longer. Besides, which story would you rather have?  God healed my daughter when she was sick or God raised my daughter back to life when she was dead?

I pray that these words will touch someone’s heart.  That God will get all the glory…’Cause I am nothing.  I am unworthy, but incredibly grateful that the Lord loved me enough to show me this unnamed woman’s story.

While You Wait

A grieving mother sits by the bedside of her daughter who is at the point of death.

Her husband had been sent to reach the Master, but He’d tarried long and she’d drawn her final breath.

Oh but she could not imagine what was happening, as the Master made His way to where she was

Another woman had reached out and touched His garment and been healed of her issue of blood.

God was working miracles while she waited

While she wondered if the Master really cared

In the midst of her darkest hour, He was able to answer someone else’s prayer

Someone needed Him as much as she did, and even though it seemed the Master was too late

God had not forgotten, He was just working miracles while she waited.

But this is not the end of her story, even though she might have lost all hope and faith

The Master always works things for His glory, and He raised her daughter back to life that day.

We can always trust His perfect timing and depend upon His all sufficient grace

Someone else might never meet the Savior, if He comes to you the first time that you pray.

God is working miracles while you’re waiting

While you wonder if the Master really cares

In the midst of your darkest hour, He may be able to answer someone else’s prayer

He can meet their need through your trial, and even though it seems your answer is delayed

God has not forgotten, He is still working miracles while you wait.

  • Renee
    September 3, 2015 at 8:23 am

    Thank you for this. I had not thought of it that way either. And the song is beautiful.

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